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Redemption - The Past by Aurora Eos Rose

In the Silver Millenium, Queen Selenity tries to change the dictates of fate and instead creates a war spanning the planets. In the aftermath, ten men and women must learn to deal with the consequences of lifetimes of decisions.

Senshi/Shitennou : Silver Millennium :Romance/ Drama/ Action/ Angst : R : Manga : Mature Languagealert("h");/ Violence/ Sex/ Non-Consensual/ Character Death/ Murder : Ami, Jadeite, Kunzite, Makoto, Mamoru, Minako, Nephrite, Rei, Usagi, Zoisite

Published: 07/14/2004 - Updated: 03/07/2005 - Chapters: 3 - Comments: 5- Unfinished - *****

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Speak Softy Love by Callisto Callispi

Bathed in the purple warmth of a midsummer evening, Zoisite ponders his love for a certain ice princess.

Senshi/Shitennou : Silver Millennium : Drama : PG12 : Manga : Mild Language : Ami

Published: 03/04/2005 - Updated: 03/04/2005 - Chapters: 1 - Comments: 0 - Unfinished - *****

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